FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

How can my church use this app?

By using Constant Messenger’s mobile app platform, your church will be able to communicate and engage the entire congregation and reach them 24-7 through their mobile device! Your church can instantly send messages to the entire congregation or quickly notify a specific ministry / auxiliary with updated information.  With social media tools included, members can view and share upcoming events with their friends, co-workers, and community members.  While on vacation or away from church, app users can listen to sermons, pay tithes, make donations, and view the church bulletin right front their fingertips!

Your church can also use the website option to also have your content available on the web (using your own unique domain name which we'll help setup). All the changes and updates published to your church account will instantly show in your mobile app and website!

How long does it take before members can install our app or view our website?

Your app and website, with our basic app offering, can be launched in minutes!

If you elect our custom-install solution we need 1 -2 weeks to submit your custom app to the app stores and create the custom graphic assets necessary for listing in Apple and Android App stores.

Must our church have a website to use this app?

Absolutely not! A website is NOT required at all and if you choose to, you can add-on our website option and instantly have your Church information available as a stand-alone website in addition to your mobile app! Constant Messenger’s platform primarilymoves the website from the desktop and places it at the fingertips of your congregation and extended community, leveraging the popularity of connected devices such as smart phones and tablets.

Can we customize our church app?

Yes.   Constant Messenger’s platform is designed so your church can benefit from using easy-to-understand and use tools when building your app. You can customize your mobile app (and website) with the church logo, photos, graphics or any image you choose, as well as select fonts color, features, and background colors to compliment graphics. Your church organization can edit contents, the header / graphic, and background colors as often as you wish, adding seasonal or weekly topic themes to match the look and feel of your church.

What devices can use our church app?

Currently our mobile app system is designed to support:

- iPhone, iPad,

- Androids,

- and Amazon Kindle Fire.

Will our church need a highly skilled or professionally trained technology person to manage and maintain our church app?

No.  Constant Messenger’s management dashboard system is very user friendly.  Once your app is approved and activated, we will train your administrators at no additional cost. 

What type of technical support does Constant Messenger provide after the development of our church app?

At Constant Messenger, Inc., we strongly believe your church should not have to focus on technical issues.   The church should be able to focus on teaching and spreading the Word.   That is why our technical support is available by e-mail or phone.
Once we develop and activate your app, we are available to assist with any technical issue or problems you may have.  With telephone and email support, our response time is often within 5 to 8 hours or less from the time receiving your email support inquiry. 

How many users can download our church app?

Unlimited.   The more users – the better!  Constant Messenger’s app system was designed to increase your church’s ability to share its mission and spread the Gospel.  

How does the online giving feature work within the app?

With Constant Messenger, the financial transaction does not occur within the app.  Currently, we are linked to a third party provider to assist your users with the ease of paying tithes and making donations.  If your church is already established with a trusted vendor, the URL you provide will connect to your existingonline giving system.

What if we need something more advanced or beyond Constant Messengers capabilities?

We currently provide our basic level mobile app solution, a custom-install app solution and consulting services to work closely with you to get a sens of your Churches' needs and can deliver a custom solution that fits your unique needs!

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